We live the #hockeylife

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Duluth is the community that inspired Great Lakes Hockey.  

People are raised here on the sport, which makes it a lifestyle.  It's where we coined our motto --- live the #hockeylife.

The city's proud hockey heritage and continued enthusiasm for the sport makes it the perfect choice for the home of GLH. 

Hand-crafted Quality

Your state is made one at a time in our Duluth Minnesota wood shop.  Community donations are what supply GLH with its stock of
broken hockey sticks.  Reclaimed wood is brought in from all over the Great Lakes States making every creation different from the next.

Every piece of art is created to be of top-notch quality using as much time and effort as necessary.  You can't expect to win a
championship without putting the time in.  Our artists hop off the bench and into the game with the same mentality.

Meet the TEAM OF GLH


Brice Wizner - CRAFTSMAN & Production manager

Brice grew up eating, sleeping, and breathing hockey.  He's been playing competitively since the first time he strapped on the boots at the age of three, all the way through college at UMD.  

Now Brice spends his time managing the ins and outs of GLH, but still laces them up a few times a week for late-night men's league action, possibly with a Molson or two on the bench...


Mike Swanson - Sales & distribution

Mike played through college as well, where he and Brice teamed up. He is currently coaching bantam hockey in Duluth.

Mike plays a crucial role in getting GLH's merchandise off the shelf and on to your walls. And also is responsible for that fresh sheet of ice in-between periods.


Max Caven - Photography

Max is a Duluth native that knows how to capture its beauty better than anyone else.  As a huge hockey enthusiast and host to a weekly skate, Max carries on the tradition of the hockey life.  

Anything photo related - Max Caven is your man.