UMD Bulldog - Hockey State

UMD Bulldog - Hockey State

from 85.00

BU-LL-DO-G-S. Artwork made for National Champs.

24” (height) states shown in picture 1 and 2.

12” (height) state shown in picture 3.

*Please allow one-two weeks for production of these hand-crafted states. Color scheme will be UMD colors, unless a different scheme is requested during checkout.

*Incorporation of personal sticks is available at request via email.

Stick Material:
Put it in the net

Each piece of art is one of a kind.  Your state will be hand sanded to best prevent slivers or debris, but will be left as rugged and ridged as possible in order to best preserve the materials uniqueness.  GLH takes no responsibility for any personal injury that may occur if handled improperly.  Warping, shrinkage, and expansion may occur with age and humidity fluctuations.  If the product is damaged please send an email.

Each state is equipped with a 20 lbs braided wire to make mounting a breeze.  Your state will also have its own unique model number and signature by its artist.